Computer and Technology Training

Technology Services Training

Technology Services is committed to helping people better understand how to use technology for whatever project they may be working on. To that end, they offer a wide variety of training opportunities, including FAST3 Training, Classroom Technology Training, and How-To Videos. Learn more

Online Training from LinkedIn Learning

The University of Illinois provides free access to LinkedIn Learning for faculty, staff, and students. LinkedIn Learning is widely recognized as an industry leader in online learning, and their library of online tutorials contains over 1,200 courses and 73,000 tutorials organized by subject, software, and instructors. Topics covered include how to use major software suites (Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google Apps), as well as courses in web publishing, analytics, video editing, audio editing, professional skills development, creativity, and a variety of other topics. By using their University of Illinois NetID, students, faculty, and staff will get free access to the full library of LinkedIn Learning content. Learn more

Computer Security Training

Technology Services offers online cyber security training for employees and departments at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Training topics range from basic computer security best practices to advanced techniques for working with sensitive data. Learn more

WebTools from Web Services (a Division within Public Affairs)

Web Services offers a variety of tools to help with online and electronic communications. For an overview of their growing suite of applications within the "Toolbox," click here. These applications or "tools" can replicate your site's current look and navigation as individual Web pages, or can be incorporated as "widgets" or elements to your current Web pages. They also offer other communication venues for emailing, surveying, and soliciting information forms for marketing and communication needs. Training sessions for these are offered monthly online. Learn more