Steps to Hire

Visiting Academic Professionals

Step 1.    Review Academic Professional Search Instructions (in HireTouch).

Step 2.    Review instructions for Hiring Request Form (in HireTouch).

Step 3.    After Hiring Request Form approval, review instructions for PAPE form (in HireTouch).  Draft job description/Principal Administrative Position Exemption (PAPE).

Step 4.    Submit PAPE for review/approval via HireTouch.

Step 5.    Submit Academic Hiring Request Form via HireTouch.  The form and instructions can be found in HireTouch.  An approved Hiring Request form is needed before initiating any hiring activity.  Search process must receive pre-approval through the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Access (ODEA).  Information may be found at

Step 6.    Submit Academic Professional Search via HireTouch.  The ODEA website should be consulted for information regarding the search processes and procedures

The paper Hiring Request form has been replaced by a new workflow in the HireTouch system.  We now have a Guidelines document as well as a Job Aid for using the new form in HireTouch.  Once your vacancy has posted to, everyone subscribed to the AC job listserv will receive an email announcing your vacancy.

If departments receive inquiries about the application process for Faculty, Specialized Faculty, or Academic Professional vacancies, the initial response should be to refer to the applicant to the information found at

Special note for offer letters for Visiting Academic Professionals: Please include notification that Visiting Academic Professionals are covered by a bargaining agreement when offering employment.  As a result, the following verbiage MUST be included in all offer letters made to prospective Visiting Academic Professionals:
“Please be advised that visiting academic professionals are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois and the Visiting Academic Professionals/AAP-IEA-NEA union.  For more information regarding the contract, please go to:”

When a unit is ready to put the new employee on payroll, the unit will need to follow the Onboarding Process and subsequent Human Resources Front End (HRFE) transaction procedures.