Urbana-Champaign Guidelines

  • Employees may participate in an approved engagement activity that occurs either during their regular work schedule or that occurs outside their normal work schedule, including weekends. Release time is granted to employees who participate in an approved engagement activity, regardless of whether the activity occurs during normal work hours or outside of normal work hours. Paid release time must be used within the workweek during which the engagement activity occurs.
  • Participation in each engagement activity must have prior supervisory approval and is subject to the unit's operational needs.
  • Travel time to and from engagement activities outside of an employee's normal work location will be determined by unit/college specific guidelines and practices.
  • Activities for which an employee must purchase a ticket or pay an admission fee (e.g., football games, basketball games, concerts) are not eligible Know Your U engagement activities.
  • Scheduled tours of athletic and entertainment facilities or operations (e.g., Krannert Center, State Farm Center, Memorial Stadium) are eligible Know Your U engagement activities.
  • Supervisors should provide clear rationale for refusing an employee’s request to participate in an engagement activity.