weight management

Employee Weight Management Program

Do your resolutions include losing or maintaining your weight? Join The Healthy Weigh! This weight management support group is specifically designed for employees who are looking for reliable and practical weight management support. The meetings, facilitated by a certified health educator, supply reliable information on how to lose and maintain a healthy weight, teach life management skills to help people attain their weight goals, and provide group support to increase self-confidence.

The Healthy Weigh, Well-Being Services weight management program, equips participants to lose weight safely and effectively. Our program is not a diet. This skill-building program teaches the basics of effective weight management.

Program includes:

  • Skill building sessions
  • Cooking classes in the ARC instructional kitchen
  • Healthy Weigh manual

Participants will learn to:

  • Set a healthy rate of weight loss
  • Master portion control
  • Maximize success by keeping a food log
  • Create realistic goals
  • Unleash the power of physical activity in weight loss
  • Discern weight loss program and product claims
  • Overcome barriers to weight management
  • Shop and cook and eat out healthfully
  • And more!

Details and More Information

For more information or to register, contact Well-Being Services at (217) 265-9355 or by email at wellbeing@illinois.edu.