Welcome to Illinois Human Resources (IHR)

Shari Mickey-Boggs

A Message from Senior Associate Chancellor for Human Resources, Shari Mickey-Boggs

It is my privilege to serve Illinois – an exciting place to do work you love where organizational values bring purpose and passion to your career.

IHR is working to transform human resources at Illinois. Join us!

Units within IHR

IHR Administration

The Administration office at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign consists of leaders such as the Assistant Senior Chancellor for HR, Chief of Staff, Assistant Chancellors, Marketing and Communications professionals, and Administrative Operations staff. Together, we collaborate to strategize, implement, and manage human resources initiatives, ensuring effective communication, operational efficiency, and comprehensive support for the university's workforce.


Centers of Expertise

Our Centers of Expertise are pivotal for a dynamic workplace, covering critical areas from aligning employee roles with institutional objectives to fostering positive workplace dynamics. Each center, including Compensation, Classification & Career Architecture, Labor and Employee Relations, Talent, Data Operations, Applications and Information Services, and Matrix Teams, is dedicated to excellence. They ensure seamless functioning, efficiency, and collaboration across the University, exemplifying our commitment to holistic employee support and organizational excellence.

Culture, Learning & Engagement

Our mission is to foster environments that empower individuals to contribute, elevate, and respect the legacy of their work. By actively responding to needs and promoting personal and professional growth, we aim to enhance employee satisfaction, well-being, and engagement, thereby cultivating a robust and agile workforce. As part of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's campus community, we are dedicated to offering consistent, accessible services and resources. Welcome aboard, and we're delighted to have you with us.

Strategic Programs & Partnerships

Our Strategic Programs and Partnerships team is committed to helping shape the future of our university’s workforce. We are partners in pioneering initiatives, fostering collaborations, and envisioning the evolving landscape of our talent ecosystem.