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The University of Illinois values, respects, and supports all employees and emphasizes the diverse ways that employees carry out and support the university’s mission. Join the over 10,000 faculty and staff along with the 56,000 students that make up the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign!

Work With a Purpose

At the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, we believe work should be more than a job—it should be meaningful and contribute to a greater purpose. As a top public research university, we foster transformative learning and positive societal impact through research, teaching, and outreach. Join our passionate community dedicated to making a difference at Illinois!

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Welcome to the beginning of your journey at our university, where possibilities are limitless! At Illinois, we focus on creating an inclusive community and using our university’s transformative power to lead towards a more just future for everyone. As a new member, you’ll help us enhance inclusivity in all university aspects and foster synergies for broader community benefits.

Our Community

Urbana-Champaign boasts numerous amenities year-round. Enjoy live music and local art in our vibrant arts scene, explore outdoor spaces including the state’s sole International Dark Sky Park, and savor the diverse culinary offerings both on and off campus. Plus, with an average commute of just 14 minutes, you can easily indulge in everything the area has to offer!

Our Community

Benefits at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Benefits Chart and Highlights Document

Explore a comprehensive overview of employee benefits tailored to the specific needs of Tenure System Faculty, Specialized Faculty, Academic Professionals, and Civil Service staff at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. View the Summary of Benefits by Employment Category.

As a university employee you will receive a combination of State and University benefits that make up your total compensation package offering flexibility in meeting your personal needs and goals. View the Benefit Highlights document.

Employee Referral Program

A program to offer a referral incentive of $600 for all eligible staff positions designated “hard-to fill” and high demand.

Employee Referral Program Policy

Employee Tuition Waiver

Academic Professional, Faculty, Civil Service employees, and retirees may be eligible for an employee tuition waiver from any of the three University of Illinois campuses (UIC, UIS, or Urbana-Champaign). In addition to attending one of the University of Illinois campuses, active Civil Service employees can receive tuition waivers to attend other State Universities Civil Service Institutions.

Child of Employee Tuition Waiver
Eligibility —

Parent: must have a 50 percent or greater employment over a minimum of 7 academic years at any one or more of the Illinois senior public universities in a capacity that is eligible for participation in SURS. The 7 years do not have to be consecutive. The parent must be a current employee in active status employed at 50 percent time or more in a SURS- eligible position as of the first day of the academic term.

Child: must be enrolled in and making satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree at any participating Illinois state institution of higher education, be younger than age 25 at the beginning of the academic year, and fall under one of the following relationship categories: natural child, adopted child, stepchild, ward.

A child attending a participating Illinois state institution whose court-appointed guardian is an eligible employee of the University of Illinois and whose natural parents are deceased or have been declared unfit by court action is eligible for this benefit. Parent: must have a 50 percent or greater employment over a minimum of 7 academic years at any one or more of the Illinois senior public universities in a capacity that is eligible for participation in SURS. The 7 years do not have to be consecutive. The parent must be a current employee in active status employed at 50 percent time or more in a SURS- eligible position as of the first day of the academic term.

Ineligible employment categories include SURS annuitants (retirees), employees of University-related organizations (i.e. Foundation, Alumni Association), academic hourly, Civil Service temporary and Extra Help, graduate assistants, and students. The initial application for this benefit must be received by the employee’s campus human resources office no later than the last day of instruction (on the student’s campus) for the term in which the benefit will apply. There is no retroactivity beyond the current academic term (semester or summer session).

i-Card Perks

The i-card is an employee’s official university identification card. The faculty/staff i-card gives an employee access to the library and free rides on the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (CU-MTD). An employee’s appointment must be entered into Banner before a faculty/staff i-card will be issued. Employees will need to stay in contact with their departmental HR representative to know when their appointment is in Banner and when they can request an i-card. Many local businesses offer discounts or other perks to employees through I-Card Perks. Information about i-cards and getting an i-card can be found at the i-card website.

Learning and Development

The university strives to offer a variety of continual learning and growth opportunities both personal and professional for all employees. These include but are not limited to: Supervisory Development, Wellness, Technology Services, and more.

Paid Time-Off

The University provides a number of paid time off benefits. Your eligibility for and duration of leave will vary depending on your type of position, and/or years of service. Leaves include: holidays, vacation, sick, parental, and bereavement to name a few. Leaves webpage.

Public Transportation

Every University Employee has free access to city buses, wherever they go, simply by showing their University ID (iCard).

MTD Page

Workplace Flexibility

Our campus embraces workplace flexibility as an opportunity to support our employees and continue to recruit and retain the best and brightest staff. Flexibility at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is broad to support diverse needs and varying operational functions. Workplace Flexibility webpage.

Employee Experiences and Insights

Rather than simply taking our word for it, we invite you to hear directly from professionals in Illinois about their experiences working at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

To hear from other employees visit: The Illinois Professional


International Staff

Visit the International Student and Scholar Services for more information regarding international staff.

Job Openings

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is committed to the full inclusion of all qualified individuals and to providing reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability, pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions, and religious beliefs, practices, or observances. Individuals requiring a reasonable accommodation to complete the application or interview process may submit a request through the reasonable accommodations portal, or by contacting the Accessibility and Accommodation Division of the Office for Access & Equity at 217-333-0885 or by email to

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Onboarding for New Employees

Illinois offers orientation sessions to new employees as part of our welcome and acclimation to the Illinois family.

Illinois Orientation for New Employees

Illinois New Faculty Orientation

Workshops Link

Illinois Human Resources offers a variety of workshops including mock interviews and resume building.

Interview and Resume Assistance