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Career Architecture is a framework that defines the roles, responsibilities, and career paths of faculty and staff within the University. It aims to align the organizational structure, culture, and strategy with the individual goals, skills, and aspirations of the employees.

Grow your career
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Develop Your Skills

Employee Learning and Organizational Effectiveness (ELOE) is a definitive training resource for employees, supervisors, and managers, providing training services as well as linking others to development programs across the university. ELOE supports professional development on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus by presenting informational and development programs, supervisory and management courses, seminars, retreats, and online learning.

Learn at Your Own Pace

The University of Illinois provides free access to LinkedIn Learning for faculty, staff, and students. LinkedIn Learning is widely recognized as an industry leader in online learning, and their library of online tutorials contains over 1,200 courses and 73,000 tutorials organized by subject, software, and instructors. Topics covered include how to use major software suites (Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google Apps), as well as courses in web publishing, analytics, video editing, audio editing, professional skills development, creativity, and a variety of other topics. By using their University of Illinois NetID, students, faculty, and staff will get free access to the full library of LinkedIn Learning content.


Across Campus Training Opportunities

There are a wide array of training and educational opportunities across campus. We have included some of the initiatives, activities, or services that are implemented and accessible across an entire academic campus below. These programs cover a diverse range of topics.