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HR Front End (HRFE) Transaction Tips

Attaching Documents in HRFE

New Hire/Rehire

As of Tuesday, March 1st, 2016, an upgrade to the HR Front End has added an additional screen in the new hire wizard for certain new hires (e-classes SA/EH/HA/HG/TR). The Changes to HRFE New Hire Wizard for ACA PDF will guide you through these changes.

New Hire Civil Service (see notes below)

Current Employees

Undergraduate Students (E-Class "SA")


Academic Hourly Appointment

Add Applicant to a Requisition

Applicant Statuses and Dispositions

Approving Requisitions and Offer Letters

Add Search Process Documents to Requisition

Offer Letters, Background Check, and Hiring

Search Committee Overview

Searching and Retrieving Requisitions


Faculty Appointment Change

Faculty Vacancy

Job Description Review

Off-Cycle Pay Requests

Staff Appointment Change

Staff Vacancy


Temporary Vacancy

Acknowledging (Signing) Your Job Description

Viewing Acknowledged (Signed) Job Descriptions