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Customized Training and Consulting

Customized Training and Consulting

Customized Training programs are tailored learning initiatives designed to address the specific needs, goals, and challenges of a requesting campus partner, group, unit, or college. These programs aim to provide targeted and relevant training that aligns with the unique context and requirements of the participants. From tailored training programs to culture surveys to supporting department initiatives, ELOE is available to assist or recommend other resources.

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Customized Training and Consulting Programs

New Leader Acclimation

New Leader Acclimation is an industry best practice to help a new executive onboard more effectively and efficiently. The design enhances the learning of the new executive and facilitates early bonding and engagement amongst the participants.

Target Audience: New campus executive leaders.

Jungle Escapes Team Building Activity

Jungle Escape helps individuals learn basic teams skills. The purpose of the inter-team activity is to help teams learn how to function more cooperatively. It is designed to help groups who may be experiencing task and relationship issues with other groups better understand what is needed to create effective working relationships.

Target Audience: Campus work groups.

Team Dynamics with DiSC

Team Dynamics with DiSC is a customizable training program for departments and units to utilize the DiSC® Personal Profile as a team-building exercise to recognize and appreciate the value each individual contributor brings to the team. Participants learn about their DiSC® styles, how their priorities influence their actions, and what motivates and stresses them. Participants will identify behaviors they find difficult to work with and behaviors that they appreciate, openly communicating with each other to learn strategies for building more effective relationships.

Target Audience: Campus work groups

Customer Service

A dynamic program that can be customized for the unit/college to focus on customer service with a focus on effective communication, ensuring consistency for team productivity and reducing time spent troubleshooting.

Target Audience: Campus work groups

Individual Professional Consultations

ELOE is available to develop customized training and consulting or recommend other resources. We can tailor training programs to individual units/colleges in areas such as customer service, team building, culture surveys, etc.

Target Audience: Campus employees, supervisors, or leaders.

Retreat Support

When planning a retreat, campus departments and units are encouraged to reach out to us about our programs. We will make recommendations based on the retreat objectives and tailor our custom programs to the needs of the work group.

Target Audience: Campus Work Groups