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Academic Freedom (Article X: Section 2 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

University policy which grants faculty members the right to exercise full academic freedom of inquiry, discourse, teaching, research, and publication without institutional censorship or discipline. Provides protection to academic staff against influences which would restrict the member’s right to exercise these freedoms and includes information about the staff member’s entitlement to a hearing when he or she believes that they do not enjoy these freedoms.

Academic Integrity in Research and Publication

Policy aimed at deterring and penalizing unacceptable conduct and promoting compliance with the highest scholarly standards. Provides procedures for institutional treatment of incidents of academic misconduct, which include informal or meditational procedures.

Accommodation Under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

Provides information on how the university should handle an applicant or employee’s request for accommodation under the Americans with Disability Act on a case-by-case basis. Provides hyperlinks to the forms and guidelines to assist units in complying with the requirements of this act as well as information about which human resources office units should contact.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Qualified individuals with disabilities may seek reasonable accommodations in consultation with supervisors or department heads and managers.

Annual Vacation and Sick Leave Reporting

Reporting of sick leave for faculty, academic professional employees, and other academics occurs bi-annually, in May and August. Reporting is handled at the department/college level, and may occur more often based on departmental procedures.

Appointments (Faculty and Academic Professionals) (Communication #3 of Provost Communications)

A list of the appointments requiring prior approval from the Provost. Lists the specific polices and procedures which apply to different faculty and academic professional appointments (e.g., 0% faculty appointments, faculty with tenure, Executive Officers, etc.)

Appointments Requiring Board of Trustees Approval (Communication #3 of Provost Communications)

A list of the academic appointments that require a more direct approval process from the Board of Trustees compared to the university’s standard approval process. Lists the positions that require this additional approval (e.g., new administrative appointments, permanent positions, new faculty with indefinite tenure positions, etc.)


Background Check University Policy and Campus Resources

Information related to the university’s policies and procedures for background checks.

Benefit Chart for Faculty, Academic Professionals, and Staff

A user-friendly chart describing the benefits available to the different employment categories (Faculty, Academic Professional, Staff). Benefit information is organized by category and includes information about retirement, insurance, worker’s compensation, tuition waivers, leaves, etc.

Benefits for Retired Faculty and Staff

A list of the benefits that retired employees will continue to receive after retirement. Includes information about their extended access to certain services at a discounted rate (e.g., access to athletic events, cultural activities, etc.)

Bereavement Leave

Upon request, an academic staff member may be granted leave of up to three work days due to the death of a member of his or her immediate family and one work day due to the death of a relative outside the immediate family without loss of salary. Under special circumstances, leave beyond these amounts may be approved.

Business and Financial Policies and Procedures Manual

Contains business and financial policies that apply to the university. Includes information about payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, cash handling, investments, etc.


Campus Administrative Manual

Policy manual for UIUC. The Campus Administrative Manual (CAM) includes policies, procedures, forms, and guidelines for university employees.

Care and Use of Animals in Research and Teaching

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides high quality care and promotes the health and wellbeing of animals used in research and teaching.

Chemical Waste Management Guide

Information regarding Chemical Hygiene Plans, the Hazard Communication Program, and the appropriate disposal of chemicals on campus.

Civil Service Staff Policies and Rules

State of Illinois rules governing Civil Service personnel administration.

Conflicts of Commitment and Interest

Provides definitions and examples of conflicts of commitment and interest, an explanation of governing principles, and the steps staff members are required to take when reporting such activities.


Dates/Deadlines (Provost Communications)

(May also be found under Provost’s Dates/Deadlines)
Includes a list of the Provost’s dates and deadlines for nonreappointment notification, promotion and tenure, and leaves of absence.

Discrimination and Harassment

University complaint and grievance procedures provide employees and students with the means for the resolution of complaints that allege a violation of this statement. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the Office for Access and Equity.

Dismissal of Academic Staff with Multi-Year Appointments (Article IX: Section 12 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

Policy in which a staff member may be dismissed for cause prior to the conclusion of their multi-year appointment. Document includes procedures for notifying the staff member, a list of the adequate causes for dismissal, and information about the right of the individual to request a hearing before the campus provost or the provost’s designee.


Educational Leave (Communication #20 of Provost Communications)

Provides the university’s definition of an educational and personal leave. Includes criteria information for what constitutes such a leave and a list of which employees are eligible/ineligible for this benefit.

Educational Tax Premiums for POSTDOC Fellows

Policy on how Postdoctoral fellows who are ineligible for health insurance benefits through the State of Illinois may request a standard level of reimbursement for premiums. Document provides a description of which types of care are covered under the policy, reimbursement procedures, and the maximum amount of reimbursement that an individual may receive.

Emeritus/Emerita Status (Awarding) (Communication #12 of Provost Communications)

University’s policy on awarding Emeritus/Emerita Status to faculty, administrators, and those with Endowed Appointments upon retirement from the university. Information includes the necessary criteria for awarding such status, a list of qualified individuals allowed to make recommendations, and the different levels of approval required.

Employee Referral Incentive Program

A program to offer a referral incentive of $600 for all eligible staff positions designated “hard-to fill” and high demand.

Employment of International Faculty/Staff

Information regarding the employment of immigrants and nonimmigrants. Provides a list of nonimmigrants who can be legally employed by the university within the restrictions of the particular visa status. Includes information about obtaining proper visa status before receiving university pay and consulting the International Student and Scholar Services for further questions.

Employment of Relatives

Policy on how employment of relatives is permissible. Describes the responsibility of each unit/department/college to review situations involving the employment of relatives, how to resolve potential conflicts, and the review and approval process for employing relatives.

English Proficiency

Guidelines for employing non-native English speaking faculty and graduate students. Includes attachments on the Policy Statement Regarding the Employment of Non-Native English Speaking Faculty Members and the required Certification of Oral English Proficiency.

Ethics Compliance

Ethics Training is mandatory for all University of Illinois employees, as defined in the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act. Labor & Employee Relations Questions related to Ethics Compliance should be directed to:
Email IHR-LER@illinois.edu or call 217-333-3105

Executive Vice President/Vice President for Academic Affairs

The EVP/VPAA works to foster communication and collaboration on academic matter throughout the University of Illinois System.

Exchange Professors (Article XIII: Section 1 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

Policy description in which a professor, assistant professor, or associate professor, upon recommendation and with appropriate approval, may exchange positions with a professor of equal rank at another university.


Faculty Leave of Absence (IX: Section 7 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

Policy in which certain faculty members (professor, associate professor, assistant professor) who have served the university for specific periods on a full-time appointment may be eligible to apply for and granted a sabbatical leave of absence with pay for the purpose of study, research, or other pursuit.

Faculty Review (Communication #21 from Provost Communications)

Policy on how every tenured or tenure-track faculty member must be reviewed annually by his or her department through a process consistent with campus guidelines. The document provides guidelines for establishing faculty reviews, required review elements, exemptions from annual review, grievance procedures, and provides institutional resources.

FMLA Policy and Application

Describes university employees’ rights and responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Information includes employee eligibility, application procedures, a list of the required medical documents, COBRA coverage, and the option of using paid/unpaid leave.


General Rules, U of I (Board of Trustees General Rules)

General rules concerning the organization and procedures of the university, including business organization and policies, intellectual property, employment policies, and university property.

Gifts and Sponsored Activities (Article XII: Section 2 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

Policy on how outside research support (for contracts or grants) must be handled. Information about accepting such contracts or grants and how funding must meet certain requirements.

Graduate College Handbook of Policy and Requirements for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Academic resources for graduate students which includes information about transferring credit, academic standing, the grading system, graduate degree requirements, academic conflict, and discrimination policies.

Group Insurance Plan

Information about the group health, dental, and life insurance plans available to faculty and staff. Includes eligibility and documentation requirements, a description of the optional plans available to employees, insurance options for those on leave, and how to terminate coverage.

Guidelines and Procedures for Academic Appointments

A resource for the campus to ensure the Academic Appointment process is fair, balanced and transparent.


Holidays (Article IV: Sec 1 (c) of Board of Trustees General

(May also be found under Vacations)
Description of the permissible vacation periods for the different employment categories (academic yearly schedule, 12 month, summer session) and a list of the university recognized holidays.

Human Subjects in Research

The Institutional Review Board’s policy page for the protection of human subjects in research. Includes a list of the training requirements for the researcher, a handbook on ethical principles, informed consent forms, and information about using care when working with special subjects (children, prisoners, pregnant women, etc.).


Information Technology Policy

Information containing the appropriate use of computers and network systems; copyright compliance statements; a list of authorized Technology Services users; and software piracy, internet publishing, and information security policies.

Integrity in Research and Publication

Academic integrity is the key to a successful university in all its aspects of learning, teaching, research, and service. Faculty, staff, and students of the University of Illinois ensure integrity and high quality in their research and publications by strict adherence to professional standards.

International Faculty/Staff Employment (HR-27 of CAM)

(May also be found under Employment of International Faculty/Staff)
Information regarding the employment of immigrants and nonimmigrants. Provides a list of nonimmigrants who can be legally employed by the university within the restrictions of the particular visa status. Includes information about obtaining proper visa status before receiving university pay and consulting the International Student and Scholar Services for further questions.

International Travel (HR-39 of CAM)

Policy on reviewing all university-sponsored faculty, staff, and student travel plans. Includes information on when travel is not permitted (e.g., travel warning in certain regions), deadlines for submitting travel plans, and travel plan submission requirements. Also includes links promoting travel safety.


Jury Duty Leave

Description of the university’s policy on which groups are entitled to such leave, how to obtain departmental consent, and how arrangements are made between departments.



Leaves of Absence (Faculty) (IX: Section 7 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

Policy in which certain faculty members (professor, associate professor, assistant professor) who have served the university for specific periods on a full-time appointment may be eligible to apply for and granted a sabbatical leave of absence with pay for the purpose of study, research, or other pursuit.

Leaves of Absence Without Pay (Communication #20 of Provost Communications)

Policy document description of when a one-semester or one-year leave of absence without pay may be justified. Discusses the multiple approval process required as well as the procedures for employees and supervisors to follow.


Military Leave

University’s Military Leave Policy in accordance with state and federal laws. Information includes the approval process, compensation while on leave, and reference material for reemployment following discharge.

Modified Teaching for Faculty with a New Child (HR-43 CAM)

Policy in which a tenured or tenure-track faculty member recovering from the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions can be granted (upon request) a period of modified duties without a reduction in salary. Includes information about the expectation to fulfill other professional responsibilities, the maximum period allowed for these modified duties, and the request and approval process.

Multiyear Contracts for Eligible Academic Staff (Communication #17 of Provost Communications)

University Policy in which the Board of Trustees authorizes limited use of multi-year employment contracts in order to help recruit and retain the best non-tenured teaching, research, and clinical positions. This document provides guidance to campus administrators in creating such multi-year appointments.


New Hire Sign-On Bonus

A discretionary program to offer a sign-on incentive payment.

Non-reappointment for Academic Professionals and Staff(Communication #11 Provost Communications)

Policy on notices of nonreappointment for Academic Professionals, non-visiting AP staff, and other non-faculty Academic Staff members. Policy information includes the termination of full-time, non visiting AP Staff, supervisor guidelines for terminating APs, and the length of notice requirement for non-reappointment.

Non-reappointment for Nontenured Faculty Members (Communication #10 of Provost Communications)

Provides the general rules for issuing non-reappointment notices to faculty members who have different provisions based on the faculty member’s status and years of service. Information includes a calendar of events of notification deadlines, when departments should provide the written notice to the faculty member, and when units must send a list of the faculty members not being reappointed to the Board of Trustees.


Offering Academic Positions (Communication # 2 of Provost Communications)

Policy document which includes information about the necessary approvals needed before offering academic positions and appointments to faculty, Academic Professionals, and Executive Officers.


Parental Leave

A list of the eligibility requirements for academic and civil service staff members to be considered for two weeks of paid parental leave immediately following the birth or adoption of their child. (e.g., the number of months of service required, ineligible employment groups, etc.)

Patent on Inventions Information

Policy on how research or developments carried on at the university by any of its faculty, employees, or students whose expenses are paid from university funds/funds under the control of the university belong to the university. Discusses the duty of the employee to disclose the discovery of such invention to the university.

Performance Reviews

Includes information related to performance reviews for academic employees.

Communication #21: Annual Faculty Review

Communication #22: Annual Review of Academic Professional Employees

Communication #23: Appointment and Review of Faculty Members With Budgeted Joint Appointments

Communication #24: Five Year Review of Administrators

Performance reviews for Faculty, Academic Professional, and Open Range Civil Service staff are a factor in determining employee compensation under university policies related to merit-based salary programs.

Position and Title Approval for Academic Professionals (HR-02 CAM)

Policy on how position/title approval is required for all new academic professional positions. Provides an overview of the approval process, statutory requirements regarding this policy, criteria used for justifying Academic Professional positions, and provides attachments and links to relevant PAPE forms.

Positive Time Reporting Policy

All Academic Professional and Civil Service employees are required to document all hours worked while conducting official University business.

Protection of Minors Policy

The university requires that units planning programs designed for minors not enrolled at the university report those activities to the University of Illinois Police Department.

Provost Communications

An index of the Provost’s Communications. Communications are designed to assist supervisors in recruiting, evaluating, and retaining academic personnel of the highest quality. Communications include planning and budgeting, promotion and tenure, retirement, resignation, and termination information, as well as leave and annual review policies.



Reasonable Accommodations Under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) (HR-67 CAM)

(May also be found under Accommodation Under the (ADA) American with Disability Act)

Relocation of Academic Professional Employees (HR-72 CAM)

A list of the procedures for the relocation of full-time, non-visiting academic professional employees who are released from positions for budgetary or programmatic reasons.

Research Safety (Division of)

Information about accident response, safety programs, training, and waste management.


Reemployment of Retired Academic and Staff Employees Guidelines
The updated university policy regarding the reemployment of retired academic and civil service staff members. This policy has been revised to mirror the SURS policy.

Reemployment of Retired Academic and Staff Employees Policy

Retired Academic Staff Privileges (Article IX-Sec 9 of Board of Trustees Statutes)
After a series of approvals, retired academic staff may be eligible to receive privileges such as the ability to offer conferences with graduate students or participate in meetings of their college or school faculties.

Retired Faculty and Staff Institutional Benefits
(May also be found under Benefits for Retired Faculty/Staff)

Retiree Rehire Form Instructions, Urbana Campus

Review of Academic Professionals (Annual) (Communication #22 of Provost Communications)

The university requires an annual review of academic professionals. This policy document provides an overview, guidelines, assistance information, and sample review documents for this review process.


Sabbatical Leave (Communication #19 of Provost Communications)

Includes an overview of what constitutes a sabbatical leave, application deadlines, reimbursement information, and the application process. Also provides revisions to the policy.

Separation Agreement

Guideline information for such agreements includes separation dates, salary increases, payment procedures, post-retirement employment, and a list of the necessary approvals needed.

Service in Excess of 100%

Provides information about exceptions to the rule in which full-time employees are not permitted to receive compensation for services in excess of a normal schedule. The link provides guidelines for seeking exceptions as well as processing guidelines and forms.

Services Rendered the University (Article IX: Section 5 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

Policy stating that no university member employed on a full-time basis (instructional or administrative staff) shall be assigned additional university work that does not fall within the scope of that employee’s duties and for which additional compensation is to be paid without the prior approval of the chancellor. Additional information included is how such staff members may carry on some professional or business activities of an income-producing character as long as such activities are compatible and not in conflict with university interests.

Severe Sanctions Other than Dismissal for Cause (for Faculty) (Article IX: Section 6 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

A list of the campus procedures to determine whether severe sanctions other than dismissal for cause may be imposed.

Sexual Misconduct (HR-79 CAM)

Information about the university’s Sexual Harassment Policy and the consequences of violating this policy.

Shared Benefits (HR-80 CAM)

A description of the shared benefits sick leave policy which allows employees to share accumulated sick leave days with co-workers who have exhausted all of their sick leave days when experiencing a serious illness or injury, or when a disability claim is pending before the State Universities Retirement System (SURS). Includes eligibility information for donating to the pool as well as guidance for applying for sick leave from the pool.

(Academic employees can contact ihr-dataops@illinois.edu with questions about shared benefits.)

Sick Leave

Shared Benefits (HR-80 CAM)
(May also be found under Shared Benefits)

System HR Services Leave Page
Includes a list of the paid (vacation, parental, disability, etc.) and unpaid (military, pregnancy, etc.) leave policies and other protected absences (voting, volunteer emergency worker job protection, etc.)

Transferring of Sick Leave (HR-83 CAM)
Information about how to transfer sick leave and vacation credit when switching from an academic to civil service position or from a civil service to an academic position.

Smoke-Free Campus Policy

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is entirely tobacco and smoke free.

Sponsored Activities (Article XII: Section 2 of Board of Trustees Statutes)

Any program or project financed by federal or non-federal agencies or other entities that involves the performance of work other than sponsored instruction and organized research. Examples include health service projects, community service programs, facility use, and technical testing.

(May also be found under Gifts and Sponsored Activities)

Sponsorship for Work Authorization

Policy to provide standards for sponsorship for work authorization

Frequently asked questions resource.
Email template resource.

Statutes, U of I (Board of Trustees Statutes)

A list of the Board of Trustees’ adopted statutes relating particularly to the educational and administrative organization of the university. Statutes include information on topics such as University Administration, Legislative Organization, Academic Freedom and Tenure, Research and Publication Policies, and General Provisions.

Supplemental 403 (b) Retirement Plan Information (Sec 18.3 of OBFS Financial Policies and Procedures Page)

An overview of the university’s Tax Deferred Retirement Plan. Includes eligibility requirements, investment options, and links to other relevant resources/websites.

SURS – State University Retirement System – Determining Eligibility for Participation (HR-21 CAM)

(IX-C-40 of CAM)
Discusses the criteria for determining the eligibility of academic employees’ participation in the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) or social security and in the state insurance program.


System Human Resources Services

This website is a self-service tool for university employees to view employment related information about their benefits, university policies, life events, compensation and tax information, and information about training and development opportunities.



Talent Attraction Policies

The University offers an Employee Referral Program and New Hire Sign-on Incentives to enhance our recruitment efforts.

Tenure & Promotion (Communication #9 of Provost Communications)

Overview of the promotion and tenure process. Includes information about the general guidelines, criteria, evaluation process, requests for early promotion, and administrative instructions for preparing promotion papers.

Tenure Code Rollbacks (Interruptions of the Probationary Period) (Communication #16 of Provost Communications)

University policy on how an appointee can be granted an interruption during the probationary period through special written agreement when unusual, compelling circumstances arise.

Terms of Employment for Academic Staff (Article IV: Sec 1 of Board of Trustees General Rules)

Outlines the different terms of employment for academic yearly, 12 month, and summer session appointments. Information includes how compensation is determined, a description of the different vacation periods, and bereavement leave for each employment group.

Term Professorial Appointments (Communication #5 of Provost Communications)

Information about “Q” appointments (associate or full professors who have an initial probationary period before review for indefinite tenure) and “W” appointments in which the faculty member’s right to tenure/consideration for tenure is waived and granted.

Transferring Sick Leave & Vacation Credit (HR-83 CAM)

Information about how to transfer sick leave and vacation credit when switching from an academic to civil service position or from a civil service to an academic position.

Travel (Employee Business) (Sec 15 of OBFS Financial Policies and Procedures Page)

Information regarding your travels as an employee. Includes reimbursement procedures, travel resources, as well as information about hotel, car rental, air travel, and foreign travel.




Information about pre-approved paid absence from work for personal and vacation reasons.

(May also be found under Holidays)

Vacation Credit, Transferring (HR-83 CAM)

Sick leave and vacation credit may be transferred when an employee changes from an academic to a civil service position or from a civil service to an academic position.

(May also be found under Transferring Vacation Credit)

Verification of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Employment

Online employment verification system available to employees.

Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

The OVCRI invests in infrastructure and strategic, creative thinking to support a thriving research enterprise with global impact.


Work-Related Travel

University of Illinois business travel must be authorized. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure the travel arrangements comply with university OBFS policies and procedures.

(May also be found under Travel (Employee Business))