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HR Lists (Department HR Contacts/College HRFE Contacts/HR Caucus)

  • The HR Contacts lists have been streamlined for your convenience. Previously maintained as three separate documents, we have now combined them into a single, comprehensive Excel sheet. This integration allows you to access the “Department HR Contacts,” “College HRFE Contacts,” and “HR Caucus” all in one place. View the document below to navigate through the respective worksheets for each category.
    HR Contacts Lists


HR Engagement Initiatives

HR Campus Partners/HR Caucus

HR Caucus is comprised of the lead HR partners in academic colleges and major administrative units who collaborate with IHR in the strategic direction of human resources for the university. HR Caucus meets monthly.

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HR Newscast & Newsfeed

Illinois Human Resources hosts monthly HR Newscast meetings, where discussions on Urbana system applications relevant to HR, such as HR Front End (HRFE), BANNER, PARIS, UI New Hire, and I-9 Tracker take place. These meetings include information on appointment-related matters, addressing issues related to new hires, separations, and employee group changes. The discussions include impacts of these employment changes, including benefits, taxation, VISA implications or restrictions, and payroll deductions.

Scheduled every second Thursday of the month at 9:00 a.m., these HR Newscast meetings can be attended via Zoom. Specific details about each meeting are communicated through our HR Newscast email distribution list. This list serves as a comprehensive source of information, not only for meeting-related updates but also for sharing pertinent HR topics, reminders, and new information as it becomes available.

As a member of the HR Newscast you will receive a monthly communication called the HR Newsfeed that serves as your source for information related to Illinois HR policies, updates, and announcements.

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HR Series for Supervisors and Managers

The Human Resources Series for Supervisors and Managers (HR Series) is a multi-topic series focused on the basic information required to understand human resources policies and guiding principles. Providing crucial information to create a positive workforce and productive work environment, this series of seminars is vital to successful supervision and management.
Facilitated by professionals from Illinois Human Resources (IHR); Faculty/Staff Assistance and Well-Being Services (FSAWS); Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (OVCDEI); and other campus units, these essential seminars provide the know-how to consistently interpret and apply university policies, rules, and procedures.

HR Series